Thank you for visiting this website. Since 2004 Rogier has been scubadiving during holidays and weekends. Scubadiving is a very nice activity since you do not have to fight gravity, you float, a unique experience. Discover new underwater worlds and its inhabitants is a very special thing to do.
During the dives Rogier tries to capture the momentum by making Photographs. You will find a collection of his images on this websites, both from the Netherlands and from further destinations. I have enjoyed the hospitality of Cala Joncols (Spain) and from the Nautulus (Maledives) very much. But also in the Grevelingen, Oosterschelde and Aquabest there is a lot to see. Whenever I have a day of I like to go with my zodiac from Springers diep to preekhill (Grevelingen) to have a relaxing dive.
I hope you like this oppertunity to look over my shoulder during the dives. You can click on the cropped thumbnail pictures to see the total pictures in a new frame. I appreciate it if you leave a message in the guestbook with your impression. All photographs are copyrighted, please do not use them without Rogier's writen permission. In case you want to use them please send us a mail.
Rogier Guns